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I think one of the main stereotypes of aviation and learning to fly in general is that you have to have deep pockets and come from a very well off background. I can tell you now that is completely false. I know there are many young people out there who want to learn to fly but think they can't due to the financial reasons. Actually flying is very affordable. My main goal in life is to become a commercial airline pilot.

I am a glider pilot and I am based at Tibenham Airfield in Norfolk. We're a club called Norfolk Gliding Club ( and run a very affordable scheme called the 'Junior Scheme'. We pay £55 pounds a month and that includes 10 flights a month and half an hour free flying fees. After half an hour you pay from the zero mark. This is a very affordable way to learn to fly.

It's not just my flying club which do these types of schemes. Many other clubs around the country do similar 'affordable' schemes as well for young people to take up and inspire them to learn how to fly at a very affordable cost. This is why I am mainly writing this blog. To inspire young people into aviation.

So if you do have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or Instagram.

Jack Jenner-Hall

The Sky's The Limit

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