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Three Years Of Flying

Well, this day in 2018 I had my first ever flight in a glider, specifically an SZD-50 puchacz. Flying has taught me so much and something I can have for life now. I’ve learnt so many things in aviation. The biggest thing that stands out to me is everyone in the aviation community is a huge family. No matter who you are, where you come from there’s always a place for you in aviation. I’ve met loads of amazing people on the way and although I’ve only been flying out of Tibenham, I’ve had lots of adventures. It’s crazy to think I had my first ever flight 3 years ago today and now I can sit here saying I am Britain’s Youngest Pilot. I still remember my first flight like it was yesterday, it was a winch launch up to 800 feet, I went straight into cloud and was up for only 5 minutes. It was the most amazing 5 minutes I have ever had.

I have to thank tom for part of this, he’s shown me the ropes at the club and now he’s my main wingman. This year I hope to progress in gliding. I’m going to go towards doing my bronze exam and starting aerobatics and getting to a sport/intermediate level. I also really want to visit lots of other clubs, and experience gliding and flying in lots of other locations in the UK.

I also want to thank everyone who has interviewed me and listen to my story about how i got into gliding and how I’m able to affordably fund it. I want to let other young people like myself know that you can fly really affordably, just go to your local flying club and enquire.

I think I can say this on behalf of everyone in aviation, last year was really disrupted for every pilot. But once airborne, we just enjoy the flights and not worry about much, just enjoying the flight. Unfortunately, I haven’t flown since just before Christmas so I haven’t had a flight this year. I want to thank everyone for supporting me on my journey so far. These 3 years have flown by, but I can’t wait for a lifetime of flying.

I'm super looking forward to the coming year and expanding my flying skills. I'm still wanting to get funds to go towards my flying. If you want to, feel free to head over to my Donations Page where you can donate as much as you would like.

I'm wanting to go and do some cross countries this year in the back seat, with my good friend Tom flying from the front. Also, I have been in contact with the British Glider Aerobatic Teams' coach and possibly doing some aerobatic training with him and getting signed off to do that.

It's been very strange and at points frustrating that flying has stopped due to the UK national lockdown. It takes away something which is so huge in my life and in many other aviators lives. I've been looking on flight radars and seeing pilots doing 'maintenance flights'. Annoyingly, glider pilots need at least 3 people to launch a glider so would go against government guidelines significantly.

I just want to say again I want to thank everyone so much for supporting me on my journey so far. There is a whole lifetime of aviation ahead of me. I hope so for many young people like myself will have a whole lifetime ahead of them too. So here's to a 2021 of amazing flying adventures.

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