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Aviation Ambassador for the Department for Transport

I'm still pinching myself. I am an ambassador of Aviation for the Department for Transport. Wow! There were hundreds of applicants, and to be chosen by the Secretary of State ( along with 12 others) is a true honour. I am very excited for what this year beholds and the exciting opportunities that will arise from it. I am also very excited to work alongside my fellow ambassadors. They are all truly amazing.

With this, I want to show that regardless of your age you can achieve anything. Set a goal and reach them. Push beyond and never let anything stop you. Keep putting in the hard work and determination and you can achieve anything.

Over the course of this year, I will be attending aviation events and going around the country doing talks at schools, colleges, universities and communities to show them the countless opportunities that are in aviation. There a place for anyone within the sector. I want to help build an aviation workforce fit for the future, attracting diverse and talented people into aviation careers and inspire the next generation.

I also want to show that you do not have to be wealthy to get your wings. There are manty grants, organisations, companies and charities out there that will help achieve your dreams.

Anything is possible, whatever your age.

Until next time,

Jack Jenner-Hall

Aviation Ambassador, Department for Transport.

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